Why Vapers Can’t Get Enough of E-Liquid Flavours - What to Know

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Many smokers switch to vaping due to a variety of reasons. While some want to get into the trend of cloud chasing, others aim to prevent the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. As for vapers who are beginners, they prefer to explore assorted flavours of e-juice. The more seasoned ones, on the other hand, already have a few favourite staple e-liquid flavours. 

Here are some of the reasons that vapers can’t get enough of e-liquid flavours:

1. It Can Lessen the Addictive Effects of Nicotine

Vaping is a helpful solution to quit smoking as it can lessen the addictive effects of nicotine. Unlike in cigarettes, vapers can appreciate vape more because of the flavours and not because of the nicotine dosage. In fact, nicotine can change the taste of the e-liquid, which means that the lower the dosage of nicotine, the better the e-liquid tastes. Over time, vapers start to appreciate the flavour of the vape more, which encourages them to decrease the nicotine dosage until they can slowly wean off their nicotine addiction.

2. It Offers Thousands of Flavours to Explore

Compared to tobacco and cigarettes, vapers can explore different flavours of e-liquid. It offers more than 7,000 flavours to choose from, as developed by more or less 500 vape liquid manufacturing companies. These companies continue to innovate new flavours as the market of vapers around the world expands. While some stick to a few favourites, others prefer to try new and exotic flavours for the thrill of it. Some of the most popular flavours are coffee, peppermint, candy crash, blue razz lemonade nicotine salt, leman tart, and many more.

3. It Encourages Creativity for Flavour Chasers

Aside from having an extensive collection of e-liquids, vapers can also explore mixing different flavours. This is great news for flavour chasers, as this gives them more opportunity to become creative in inventing a new flavour on their own. Flavour chasers are known as hobbyists that are in search of finding the optimal vaping experience by achieving the strongest e-liquid flavour. They try to experiment with different techniques and to create a new flavour experience. They share their ideas with a community of fellow hobbyists and often compete in which flavours are the best.

4. It Is Safe to Use on a Daily Basis

The components of e-liquid flavours are safe to intake daily. The ingredients used are practically the same as the usual food that people intake. However, some ingredients need to be avoided. Before buying an e-liquid juice, make sure that the vendor only offers non-oil food-grade flavouring since oil-based juice can have harmful effects on the body.


Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping offers a more exciting experience as it involves the use of different flavours and equipment. Former smokers that make the switch to vaping due to health purposes end up enjoying vaping more because they can’t get enough of the flavours. This helps them lessen their nicotine dosage as they grow more accustomed to their chosen e-liquid flavours. When choosing an e-liquid vendor, make sure that the company only offers the best and safest quality products in the industry. 

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