4 Common Mistakes of First-Time Vapers & How to Avoid Them - Our Guide

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Vaping has become increasingly popular these days. In fact, it is widely considered an effective alternative for those who want to quit smoking. This is why many cigarette smokers are making the switch from smoking to vaping. For beginners, however, vaping is no easy feat as it can be rather tricky. There are just many aspects to consider, such as settings, coil types, leakages, and other vaping issues that may surface. That said, it’s easy for beginners to make mistakes when it comes to vaping.

Below are four common mistakes made by first-time vapers. Keep on reading to know and learn how to avoid them.

1. Experiencing dry hits

A dry hit occurs when you quickly fill in the tank and turn it up, only to end up with a horrible cotton taste. Before you go and take a hit, there’s a general guide to follow. First off, know that your newly primed coil will have a wattage range for the flavour and vapour production. 

Second, start taking short hits below the recommended vaping wattage. Third, check for air bubbles rising to the top of the tank. Finally, never rush the priming and breaking in of your coil. You will need to take it slow so that you can avoid a dry hit.

2. Vaping like smoking

First-time vapers commonly tend to vape as if they’re smoking. The thing is, vaping and smoking are two different processes. Know that with regular cigarettes, you first inhale the smoke into your mouth until it goes through your lungs. 

With an e-cigarette, on the other hand, it will make you cough a lot when you do that. If you want to get the best results, take a long soft inhale that goes directly into your lungs. By doing so, you can get a better taste of your e-liquid and exhale more vapour clouds.

3. Not washing the tank or replacing cotton

Know that there’s a vast array of e-liquid flavours available in the market. From fruity to chocolate down to minty flavours to taste, you can explore with varied flavours and enjoy your e-juices. However, chances are that many first-time vapers and even experienced ones tend to miss out on cleaning the tank or replacing the cotton of their devices. 

As a result, the different flavours will mix up, leaving an unpleasant flavour and a bad aftertaste in the mouth. That said, it is best to buy similar flavours the first time. If you will soon like to experiment, make sure to wash the tank thoroughly and change the cotton.

4. Using wrong nicotine strength

As mentioned, many individuals transition from smoking to vaping to quit cigarettes. A good way to augment this process is by investing in e-liquids with nicotine. Nicotine concentration ranges from 1mg to 20mg. Chances are, however, that some first-timers start vaping with the highest nicotine concentration available. 

If you’re a heavy smoker, opt for e-liquid with nicotine between 12mg to 20mg. Then, gradually decrease the levels to 9mg, 6mg, and 3mg. Make sure to feel comfortable with the taste, the throat hit, and the sensation from the nicotine concentration you’ve chosen.

Although vaping can be a challenge for first-timers, your vaping transition will be as smooth and painless as possible with the valuable knowledge on the common mistakes and practical tips to avoid them. Consider the pieces of the advice outlined above and enjoy vaping your experience!

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