The Rise of Vaping Industry in Recent Times - What to Know

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There’s no denying that the vaping industry has become a global phenomenon in recent years. In fact, statistics show that about 35 million people have resorted to vaping across the globe, and the number is more likely to grow even more as the year progresses. You’ll soon see more and more shops being opened in different localities, individuals taking the plunge into vaping, smokers switching to vaping, and experienced vapers experimenting with various e-juices.

In the article, we’ll cover more about how the vaping industry has transformed into what it is today. Keep on reading to find out more about its popularity and latest trends.

Vaping vs smoking

One of the biggest questions is: what’s the difference between vaping and smoking? Here’s what you should know:

  • Smoking: With a traditional cigarette, you light the tobacco to create combustion and produce smoke. So, when you’re smoking, you’re inhaling the chemicals that are released during combustion.
  • Vaping: With an e-cigarette, you heat the e-juice in your vaping device to transform the liquid into gas. As a result, a vapour is produced which you vape into clouds. You don’t typically inhale chemicals other than what is put into your e-cigarette.

History of vaping

Contrary to what many people think, vaping actually has a long history. The vaping device is said to have existed as early as 1930. However, the first modern vape was only recognized in 1965 when Herbert A. Gilbert invented it before becoming patented. Because the vape wasn’t commercialized yes during this period, only a few people knew that this vaping technology existed. 

It was only in 1979 when Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson officially and successfully commercialized it. Both individuals combined their respective computer and medical knowledge to create a vaping device. Although it didn’t gain traction in the beginning, the device was still released to mainstream consumers.

The popularity of vaping

During the early 2000s, the vaping industry started its popularity and prevalence after having been introduced to the European, Chinese, and American markets. 

Since 2009, some governments across the globe have implemented bans as a way to keep the devices from being readily available. Even up to this day, the vaping industry continues to face controversies regarding its safe use and health implications. 

The continuous debate on the use of vape only draws attention to both users and manufacturers these days. Despite such efforts to ban vaping, the industry has only increasingly become more popular than ever.

Factors impacting its popularity 

There are a handful of reasons leading to the skyrocketing number of vapers around in the world over the past few years. Below are the three main factors that have significantly impacted the vaping popularity:

  • Better delivery systems: Various mods and pods that are available in the market have made vaping more accessible than ever.
  • Introduction of flavours: There is a wide range of flavours for varied experimentation and enhanced vaping experiences.
  • The ubiquity of the Internet: Social media platforms have allowed users from all over the world to share their vaping experiences and knowledge.

Most popular vaping trends

Now, let’s get into the popular trends in vaping, such as:

  • Pods: They have become one of the biggest vaping trends and for good reasons. For one, they’re easy to use. Two, they come in a vast array of flavours. Finally, they deliver a huge hit of nicotine, making them a better alternative for smokers.
  • Mods: They have also been a rising trend due to the number of large clouds of vapour. With these, users can select e-juice compositions to create their preferred cloud effects.

The increased popularity and the emerging trends of vaping will continue to take the global scene. Who knows, it can go as far as stealing the limelight of smoking. Whatever your reason is for vaping, know that it should benefit, and not harm you, in the long run.

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