Vaping 101: A Comprehensive Guide to E-Liquids

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Though relatively new as a scene, vaping is currently taking the world by storm, drawing former smokers, and people who simply enjoy puffing out smoke for fun. Besides the task of choosing the right e-cigarette system for you, another crucial aspect of vaping is knowing which kind of e-liquids are best for taste. 

Most vapers can be classified as belonging to one of two main groups: cloud chasers and flavour chasers. While many vapers may experiment with both initially, most people prefer one over the other after a few months of vaping. 

Cloud Chasers v.s. Flavour Chasers

Cloud chasers are vapers who mainly vape for the enjoyment of puffing out massive clouds of vapour. Besides going for sub-ohm tanks or rebuildable atomisers, cloud chasers go for e-liquids that have a very particular glycerin ratio in its content. Most e-liquids for cloud chasing barely contain any nicotine and usually have a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) than propylene glycerin (PG). 

In contrast, vapers who identify as flavour chasers are not so much concerned with the ability to produce billowing clouds, as they are with an e-liquid’s flavour. To maximise the experience, flavour chasers are more inclined to use atomisers with a smaller bore coil for reduced airflow. They also favour e-liquids that have a higher concentration of PG, mainly because of its ability to carry flavour over smoke production!

Regardless of inclination, nobody likes vaping flavourless smoke. Even cloud-chasers have their favourite e-liquid flavours that draw them to the hit every time. Since the vaping culture went mainstream, e-liquid manufacturers have grown by the hundreds, and the number of e-liquids available in the market is likely to have already reached thousands throughout the UK. 

With the wealth of choices available in the market, it can be overwhelming for a beginner to make a choice. To get you started, here are five of the most common flavour categories you can choose from:



Vapers that go for the tobacco flavour profile are likely former smokers who miss the hit and effects of real tobacco but are conscious about the damaging chemicals found in regular cigarettes. With e-liquids seen to be a healthier option, most former smokers trying to quit are drawn to tobacco-flavoured profiles.



Menthol-flavoured e-liquids are favoured by former smokers who preferred smoking menthol cigarettes, and pure vapers alike. These kinds of vape juices give off an invigorating and cooling sensation that many people crave, which is usually in contrast to the harsh burn that many tobacco products “taste” like.



Fans of fruit-flavoured e-liquids appreciate the feeling of refreshment and sweetness, which is similar to eating real fruit. Next to desserts, fruit-flavoured e-liquids are among the most popular e-liquids among flavour-chasers. 



Dessert-flavoured e-liquids can be thought of as guilt-free alternatives to their much more decadent real-life counterparts. Vaping dessert-flavoured e-liquids allows you the sweetness of popular flavours, like cheesecake and chocolate cake, without having to think of their caloric and sugar content. 



Beverage-flavoured e-liquids give the feeling of being quenched from thirst with every hit. Such e-liquids are typically inspired by everyday drinks, like colas, slushies, or even fruit drinks. 


Ultimately, the choice of e-liquids in vaping falls to personal choice. Some people may even switch their preferences from time to time!

The important thing is to make the most out of your vaping experience by only buying from reputable e-liquid distributors in the UK. This way, you can ensure that the e-liquid you’re buying is safe and guaranteed to satisfy your vape cravings. 

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