What Happens When Your Nicotine Salts Get Too Hot?

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While many people enjoy freebase nicotine, many others also enjoy nicotine salts for the full experience. Regardless of your preference, you should take care of your e-liquids to ensure that they do not spoil too soon and that they continue giving you many hours of enjoyment.

However, many of those who use nicotine salts may still wonder: What happens when nicotine salts get too hot? Some may assume that whatever freebase nicotine will undergo, salts will undergo also. This is true to a certain extent, but there is a little bit more to the salts that make them a little different.

With that said, here is what happens if your nicotine salts get too hot.

E-juice oxidation and flavour loss

Oxidation occurs with both freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. When these products become hot, oxidation speeds up. However, oxidation is not at all bad in most cases. For the most part, all it does is change the e-liquid’s colour. In some rare situations, it may even make the e-liquid more potent.

However, too much oxidation is never good. Over-oxidation can weaken the overall flavour and potency of the e-liquid, which may result in an unpleasant vaping experience. It’s also important to note that the oxidation process occurs faster in nicotine salts than freebase varieties. 

Over-oxidation can cause a salt-based e-liquid to lose its flavour, or it might change the flavour dramatically. While it is not dangerous to use an overheated and over-oxidized e-liquid, there is no guarantee that the experience will be pleasant. 

In short, overheating a salt-based e-liquid is something you should try to avoid as much as possible. You can still vape it even if it overheats, but the experience you will get from it may not be what you expect.

How to store nicotine salts properly

Now that you know what happens to nicotine salts when they overheat, you need to know how to store them properly.

Oxidation is more likely to take place in areas that are exposed to plenty of heat and light. This means that the best way to store your e-liquids is to keep them in cool, dark spaces. For example, you can store your e-liquids in the fridge, but if you do not want to put them there, the closet or a drawer away from a heater will suffice.

With that in mind, be mindful of where you place your e-liquids, especially when the weather is warmer than usual. Leaving them in the car or outside can expose them to heat, which will diminish the quality of your vape juices and potentially ruin your vaping experience.


While overheating your e-liquid does not turn it dangerous or toxic in any way, it’s best to prevent it from happening altogether. That way, you can ensure a pleasant vaping experience every time you take a drag.

However, if you accidentally leave your e-liquids in a hot place, you might still be able to vape them. It’s safe for you to use them, and you might even appreciate the change in flavour.

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