Atomiser, Cartomiser, and Clearomiser: A Comprehensive Guide

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As a beginner, navigating the world of e-cigarettes can be confusing. To improve your vaping experience, it’s essential to know and understand some technical words that are unique to vaping, such as atomisers, clearomisers, and cartomisers. Learn more about what they are and their key differences by using this article as your comprehensive guide.

Atomisers vs Cartomisers vs Clearomisers: What Are Their Differences?

As you search online and explore various vaping devices, you might run into the terms atomisers, clearomisers, and cartomisers. These are three different types of components found in vaping devices and are attached onto the power supply, such as the battery. They are responsible for turning your e-liquid into vapour.  

These three components vary in delivering on vaping experiences. While each of them has its differences, there is no specific best option as this depends on your personal preferences and vaping habits. To help you determine which one is best suited for you and what you should get at your go-to online vape store, you can start by knowing how they work and understanding their advantages and disadvantages.

What Is the Atomiser?

The atomiser is the original device that provided the world’s very first vapers their desired vaping experience. Up to this day, this component is a popular choice among e-cigarette enthusiasts, particularly to beginners, because it has a straightforward design and performance. 

The atomiser boasts of a simple design that allows optimal vaping performance. This lets you drip, which refers to manually placing several drops of your vape juice onto the wick to make your every hit even more enjoyable. Also, it is easy to refill. Best of all, compared to other components, you can easily afford this.

What Is the Cartomiser?

One of the downsides of using atomiser is refilling it from time to time which can be bothersome, most especially if you vape a lot. Vaping with the atomiser also means you are more prone to getting dry hits. To address these issues, it is best to upgrade your device and switch to a cartomiser. 

Compared to an atomiser, some of the cartomiser’s major unique features are its polyfill that is wrapped around the heating coil and a tank that has a larger capacity. Both of these characteristics allow you to soak up your vape juice and give you more time to enjoy a smoother, longer vape hit. 

What Is the Clearomiser?

If you are looking for the latest and most popular vaping component, then you should check out the clearomiser. One of its best features is that it uses a clear or glass tank, which lets you see the amount of your e-juice and prevents you from getting dry hits. Other changes include using a heating coil found at the top or bottom of the tank and a longer or shorter wick that lets you saturate your wick more easily.


Choosing the right component in your vaping device is key to making the most out of your vaping experience. Feel free to explore the various components mentioned above to see which one is perfect for you.

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