eCig Tips: 4 Ways to Avoid Bitter-Tasting Vape Juice

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One advantage that vaping has over smoking is that it has a wide variety of flavours available, which makes a person’s vaping experience unique. However, an amateur vaper can often feel a dull or bitter taste after vaping for a long period.

Contrary to popular belief, both veteran and amateur vapers can run into the issue of tasting bitter vape juice. This is the result of various factors that range from having an unclean vape kit to improperly priming its components.

In this article, we will share four tips to help you in having a bitter-free vaping experience.

Try out different e-liquids

Your tongue can feel dull after consuming only one type of e-juice flavour over a long period. If you continuously use only one type of e-liquid, you’ll start noticing less of the taste as you start focusing on the nicotine.  To avoid this dulling effect, you should hydrate yourself properly after every vaping session and learn to experiment with different juices. By doing this, you’ll discover different options on what you should mix with unique flavours that you can choose from.

Remember to prime your vape wick

Amateur vapers often make the mistake of dropping a new coil in their vape kit’s tank without noticing that it doesn’t prime the wick well. You should always prime your loop and saturate your vape kit before you start using your kit. It’s essential to drip a few drops of juice on your cord and coil before reassembling the tank.

Wait for around ten minutes before vaping so that the loop can be saturated well with the e-liquid. If you fail to do this, your coils will fail and produce a bitter taste that’s similar to burnt oil.

Clean and replace your vape kit’s components

Sometimes your e-juice’s bitter taste isn’t related to the type of liquid you choose to purchase. More often than not, the horrible taste of your e-juice is the result of having a dirty tank. You should make it a habit to clean your tank every week so that it won’t build-up dust, dirt, and caramelized sugar particles. The presence of these contaminants can taint your juice, wasting its pure flavour.

If you’re switching between different vape juices, you should first clean your tank thoroughly and let it rinse and rest with hot water. Besides your tanks, you also need to clean your vape coil and check if it needs to be changed.

Adjust your cape kit’s power settings

The bitter taste you experience in vaping can also be related to the power settings on your vape kit. If you use too much power, you might end up burning the flavour of your e-juice. Keep in mind that different e-liquids will react differently to the settings of your vape kit. Sometimes, you’re using too little or too much power, which leads to a dull or burnt taste.

Before trying out new e-liquids, you should first familiarise yourself with what the best settings are for vaping them. You can read customer reviews to check the ratings on products and see what their vape kits’ settings are depending on the e-liquid.


The key to avoiding the bitter taste of e-juices is by learning the different ways that your vape kit’s components can affect your vaping. The best thing about vaping is that you’re able to customise your vaping experience depending on your preferences. You can adjust your vape kit’s build to match your dosing needs while partnering it with a wide selection of e-liquids in the market.

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