15 Important Vape Terms Every Beginner Should Learn

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Vaping is not a complex matter at all. It is similar to smoking cigarettes, only that you use a particular device, and it produces vapour instead of smoke. However, for you to best experience and experiment with your vaping experience, you should familiarise yourself with the terms used in the vaping industry. Doing so will help you customise your device and consumption easier and more conveniently.

There is much to learn and discover in vaping as you go along. However, it would be best to get ahead to improve your experience further. Without further ado, here are 15 important vaping terms that you should learn as a beginner:

  1. Atomiser - It is the heater coil, which is a part of the vape device that is responsible for turning an e-juice into vapour. It should be adequately filled at all times for it to work correctly. If it dries, overheating may occur and may damage your device.
  1. Cartomiser - It is another part of the device that is essentially an atomiser and cartridge combined. It is important to note that it is disposable, and most cartridges are cartomisers.
  1. Cartridge - It is a part of the device attached to the battery and is responsible for holding or storing the e-liquid inside the device. Cartridges are disposable parts of e-cigarettes.
  1. Clearomiser - It is a large and clear version of a cartomiser. It is composed of a transparent tank and an atomiser base with a wick and heating coil. Typically, clearomisers are reusable, but you should immediately replace them once they fail to perform correctly.
  1. Tank - A tank is a cylindrical container that holds and stores the e-juice inside the vaping device.
  1. Mod – Also known as “modification,” this is simply a modified vaporiser. It is a vaping device that does not include a tank, coils, and batteries in its body.
  1. Wick – It is another part of the device that is located inside the tank cap. This functions by delivering e-juice to the coil.
  1. Lithium-Ion Battery – Many vapers use this type of battery since it is deemed to be the most potent and most robust type suitable for e-cigarettes. Aside from that, it is also recyclable.
  1. PV – This stands for “personal vaporiser,” which is relatively larger than a cigalike e-cigarette. It has refillable tanks for various e-juice flavours.
  1. Pod Mod – This is the latest model of a personal vaporiser. It has self-contained “pods” wherein you store the e-juice. Vapers use it for its ease-of-use and long-lasting battery.
  1. Vape Pen – This is another model of a personal vaporiser. As the name implies, it is only about the size and shape of a pen but larger than a cigalike-type e-cigarette.
  1. PG and VG – PG stands for Propylene Glycol, while VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. Both are ingredients found in e-juices, foods, and medicines and function as preservatives. These two contribute to the intensity of the e-juice flavour, vapour production, and throat hit.
  1. Gurgling – It is a sound produced by personal vaporisers when too much e-juice is stored that it flows through the central tube of the tank.
  1. Cloud Chasing – This is the term used to describe when a vaper attempts to create a large cloud of vapour when exhaling.
  1. Sub-Ohm – This refers to a vaping practice that uses a device with an atomiser coil with a less than one-ohm resistance. Unlike regular vaping, this creates large vapour clouds, making cloud chasing more achievable.


Vaping is a fun and exciting experience. However, you must learn to familiarise yourself with the different terms used in the industry for you to fully experience its maximum benefits. By doing this, you help yourself indulge more in the taste and pleasure of vaping. For the best experience, you can also experiment and try different flavours of e-juices.

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