What to Consider Before Smoking Expired E-Liquids

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If you are a vape products enthusiast, it is highly likely that you have bottles of e-liquids laying around your home. Some of us clean out a cabinet, drawer or even our fridges to find juice canisters from months or even years ago, with some being close to full. 

You have probably wondered if these liquids are still useable despite being stocked for long periods of time or way past their expiration date. The quick answer to that question is that it depends. This article will aim to address your concerns and queries on whether or not vape juices or e-cigarette liquids are still smokeable past their listed expiration dates.

Do e-liquids have an expiration date?

Most synthetic and almost all natural products do contain some sort of “expiration date”, with some of these dates being stricter to follow than others. Vape juices are no exception. The thing with these liquids is that these dates stamped on bottles of juices are normally just a recommendation rather than an actual set date to when they go bad. 

E-liquids contain a plethora of ingredients that are usually naturally occurring, so these often break down and change flavour over time if not stored properly. Storing the liquids in the wrong conditions or leaving them stagnant and unused will cause them to deteriorate faster. A well-stored e-liquid can last even longer than the expiration date, so consider if the storage conditions of your vape juices are viable and safe. 

Rely on your senses to determine if the products are still useable

Provided that you are brave enough to drop a few droplets of expired juice in your unit, you will want to rely on your senses to tell you if the product is past its usage period. Use your taste buds to analyze if that grape flavoured liquid still actually tastes like grapes, or see if the previously clear liquid has darkened or changed colour or if it smells funky. 

There are many signs that will tell you if the e-liquid you have found is no longer useable, which is something we do with other food ingredients. If we do the same when dealing with milk a few days past the labelled date, why can’t we use the same technique for vape juices? Your senses will tell you all you need to know, because who wants to vape a fruity liquid that has since acquired the same scent as the liquids found in a public restroom? 

As much as e-liquid manufacturers suggest tossing out expired juice products, at the end of the day, it all depends on how confident you are with using them. Of course, it pays to be smart about using consumables, as it is your health being put into play. 

Consider playing it safe

Like anything with an expiration date, these indicators exist to keep our health safe. Going back to the example of milk, we know to toss out milk after a certain date because of how it can negatively impact our health if spoiled. Even if you are sure that an e-liquid bottle was kept properly stored and the smell and taste are fine, if the manufacturer says to toss it, it wouldn’t hurt to follow the instructions. 

The best part about vape juices is that they are plenty and you will always find great flavours and great deals from your local distributors. Your health is something that is irreplaceable for the most part, so it would be advisable to take care of it by providing only good quality fuel and products for it. 


E-liquids may be fine for a few weeks after its stamped expiration date, as these often contain a plethora of materials and ingredients that make up the composition. If stored properly, it may still be possible to use them provided that they still have a consistent flavour and look. When playing it safe, it would then be wise to toss out any expired liquids.

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