5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Vape Batteries

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If there’s one concern that virtually all vapers share, it’s whether or not their battery is suddenly going to die on them. A dead battery, after all, means a useless device—something that all vapers probably dread.

You could swap a battery out when this happens, but carrying extra batteries around with you isn’t always practical. The best solution is to ensure that your batteries are well-maintained and to replace them when they’re starting to deteriorate.

To help you know when replacements are needed, here are few signs that you need to keep an eye out for:

1. Overly warm batteries

Batteries that run warmer than usual can be a sign of several things. They could simply indicate that the surrounding environment is hotter than normal or that you’re using your vape device frequently.

Sometimes, however, overly warm batteries are a sign of something more serious. It could mean that the batteries are working too hard to provide power to your device and that they are about to give out pretty soon. If your batteries are getting too hot too frequently, then it might be time to find new ones.

2. Less drag per charge

If you have been using your vape for a while now, you would know how long you can expect the charge to last. Over time, you will notice that the time between charges will continually grow shorter. If you have kept your vape usage the same but seem to be charging constantly, it means that your batteries are old and need to be replaced.

3. Rusty batteries

While small rusty spots on the battery should not be much of a problem, they could be signs that your batteries are nearing their end. The chemicals inside could be leaking out, or they could just have been exposed to corrosion for too long. Both of these instances mean that your battery is no longer running optimally, and it might even damage your vape device. In any case, it’s best to replace rusty batteries as soon as you can. 

4. Leaky batteries

One of the causes of batteries blowing up is because they have started leaking. This leakage can cause overheating. For this reason, the moment you see that your batteries are leaking, replace them immediately. It does not matter if it is just a tiny leak or a big one. If there is any leak happening at all, take out the batteries and have them replaced right away. 

5. Constant low battery alert

Some vapes nowadays have a low-battery alert built into their design. This is a handy feature that lets vapers know when it’s time to recharge. However, alerts that occur too frequently could mean that the battery is no longer able to hold a charge and would, therefore, need to be replaced.


If any of the above is true for your batteries, then you will need to replace them right away.

However, please be reminded to throw out your old batteries properly. Bring them to an electronics store or a recycling centre. You may also look for disposal bins that are specifically for discarded batteries. Either way, you will be doing the environment a favour.

As a final word of caution, remember to store your batteries properly. Make sure they are kept away from other metals that may pose a risk of explosion. 

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