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In recent times, the topic of vaping has been widely talked about for many reasons. Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking, which is why many are considering a switch. Others vape for recreational purposes because exploring various e-cigarette liquid flavours and forming clouds of vapour can be rather fun and exciting. If you are interested in this alternative to smoking, then it's time to invest in a new vaporizer and join in on the fun!

Know that there's a wide selection of vape devices available in the market with various brands that you can find in your local shops. The biggest question is: how can you distinguish a good vape device from a bad one? Here are five key factors to consider:

Heating Chamber

Know that the heating chamber of your vaporizer plays a crucial factor in your vaping experience. A vape device heats up in two ways, conduction and convection. While conduction is where the surface encompassing the flower is heated, convection is where the flower is heated by warm air through another part of the vaporizer. No matter the heating method, the performance of the heating chamber is what matters most. As much as possible, you will want to purchase a vaporizer that heats up rather quickly.

Temperature Control

Keep in mind that there's a vast difference between smoking and vaping. While cigarette smoking is straightforward, e-cigarette entails multiple settings to control the temperature. While smoking is detrimental to one's health, however, vaping allows you to regulate different levels of heat to produce various vapour types. 

By controlling the vaporizer's temperature, you can extract one compound but regulate another. For this reason, vaping is deemed as much safer than smoking. 

Vapour Path

Apart from the heating chamber, it's vital to consider the vapour path, which entails the pathway the vapour takes during inhalation. As much as possible, you don't want any toxic compounds to merge with the vapour as you inhale it, particularly if the hot air hits a PCB or cheap plastic. That said, choose a vaporizer with medical-grade materials to ensure that you inhale pure vapour without the mix-up of toxic substances produced by your device when heated.

Battery Life

When it comes to batteries choosing the right batteries for your vape device, go for those that are long-lasting. As with your mobile phones, using a battery with a longer lifespan is convenient. Nothing can be more annoying that having to charge the battery every now and then so that you can enjoy vaping. As a rule of thumb, go for a portable vaporizer that allows you to have at least ten sessions before plugging the battery in.

Intuitive Product

As mentioned, using a vaporizer can be a bit complex. In fact, a vaporizer can have up to 20 different buttons, where 15 of those aren't necessarily used. As simplicity is the key to a positive vaping experience, you will want to invest in a vaporizer that's intuitive. This vaporizer should be something that even first-timers can easily figure out and operate. 


As with most consumer products, a wide array of vaporizers ranges from the costly, top-quality options to cheapest, shoddy ones. That said, consider the five key factors outlined above when investing in a vape device and you'll be able to make the right purchase decision to enjoy the pleasures of vaping!

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