5 Factors to Consider When Looking for E-Juice - What to Know

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Vaping has been all the rage these days. But if there’s one good reason to vape that is the fun part, it’s the fact that you can experiment with various forms of e-liquid. From the tobacco flavour to fruity taste down to mentholated e-juices, there is something worth exploring that will suit your personal taste and preference. 


With a wide variety of e-liquid available in the market and some conflicting information about their product safety, you really have to be selective in choosing your e-juice. That said, below are five factors to consider when looking for a quality e-liquid for the best and safest vaping experience.


  1. Flavourings


Flavours are vital to vape, but there are just too many flavours of e-juices to choose from—candy, desserts, drinks, foods, fruit, menthol, tobacco, and more. As much as possible, you want something that you won’t get tired of consuming, no matter how much you vape. You want to find that one special juice while experimenting with many others. 


Know, however, that those with variable ingredients providing with varied scents and tastes are the ones with a greater chance of being harmful. That said, be wary of using approved extracts for e-liquid products.


  1. Propylene Glycol (PG)


PG is a fairly small molecule with two alcohol (hydroxyl) groups (-OH), which appears colourless, odourless, and completely water-soluble. Yes, that sounds a bit scary to consume. The truth, however, is that PG is a substance commonly used as a food additive or ingredient in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Considered generally safe, PG is used for food products to enhance the flavour. This works the same way in e-liquid products that have PG-content to augment the vaping flavour. 


  1. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)


On the flip side, VG is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oils. The mere fact that it’s made from vegetables make it generally safe to use and consume by the body. It is basically a non-toxic odourless and colourless liquid, which is also used in food items and cosmetics. As far as vaping is concerned, e-liquid products have VG content to give a thick sensation to the vapour produced when vaping. As compared to PG, it is considerably thicker with a slightly sweet taste.


  1. Water


Vapers might cross their brows as to why water is on the list when looking for e-juice. Actually, it’s a rule of thumb to ensure that water is NOT present in e-liquid products at all. Unfortunately, some vape manufacturers do include water in their vape products to increase their yields. If you aren’t wary of choosing the right e-liquid products from a trustworthy supplier, the chances are that you will be shortchanged, and your vaping experience will be compromised.


  1. Diketones


The same with water, Diketones shouldn’t be present in e-liquid products as well. Know that Diketones is an additive used to create buttery or creamy flavouring. However, they don’t work with vape products as they create adverse side-effects for vapers. Also, be wary of names such as Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, and Acetoin, as they are all pertaining to Diketones. That said, always check the label and ensure Diketones aren’t present in your e-liquid products.


Final words


There is a wide range of e-juices out in the market—all at your disposal! However, you’ve got to be highly critical and selective in your choices. That said, consider the five factors outlined above—the right flavour, PG and VG content, as well as the absence of water and diketones. Not only will this enhance your vaping experience, but you will ensure that you have a safe vaping experience.


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