4 Travel Tips for Vapers

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For the curious vaper, travelling comes with its own set of complications. Most airlines do not allow travellers to carry e-cigarettes or e-liquid onboard, and some countries may not allow vaping. It can be difficult to find out the rules of each destination, especially if you’re planning to make several stops.

However, there are some general rules that every vaper should keep in mind. Here are X tips to save you from possible headaches while travelling with your vape: 

Know the Vaping Rules in Your Destination

The most important thing you should do before planning your trip is to find out whether or not vaping is legal in the country you’re going to. While some countries have lax rules and regulations, other countries penalise the possession of vapes and other e-cigarettes. You could even be jailed for bringing them into the country. 

Some countries, however, allow you to bring your vape with you, but they do not sell pods or liquids to use with your vape. Be sure to thoroughly research each country’s rules before packing your bags!

Review Airline Restrictions

Airlines have general guidelines on flying with vapes and vape supplies. All devices that are battery-powered must be brought on board with you, especially lithium-ion batteries. This means that you have to bring your vape with you in your carry-on and not your check-in. Most information you’ll need before flying can be found on their website, so make sure to study up each airline’s restrictions carefully. 

Put Your Vape in Your Carry-On 

If your airline allows you to bring your vape, be sure to put it in your carry-on. Since it’s battery-powered, it bears a safety risk if it’s put in your check-in luggage. If your vape is pocket-sized, you can even put it in your pocket with you, but you’ll have to put it on the x-ray machine’s conveyor belt for safety and security purposes. 

Your e-liquids should also be stored with your other liquid items. This is for the sake of convenience so you won’t have to dig through your bag to bring out your liquid vape supplies. Flying at high altitudes may also cause the liquids to leak, which is why it’s important to put these in a resealable bag. 

If your vape device has e-liquid in it, you’ll have to put it in your liquids bag as well. As a general rule, all liquids that are above 100mL should be placed in your carry-on. 

Store Batteries Properly

Vape devices usually come with lithium batteries, which are the same batteries used by your smartphone and tablets. The same kind of precaution towards your smartphone should be taken towards your vapes, especially if your vape is mishandled or stored improperly. 

Make sure your batteries are properly secured away from other metallic objects. The best way to protect your batteries is by wrapping them in plastic or even covering them in electrical tape. The important thing is that they’re padded properly away from other objects in your luggage.


Travelling with your vape will be made much easier once you’ve familiarised yourself with the rules and regulations of the places you’ll be visiting. Once you’ve got them down pat, you’ll be able to enjoy your travels stress-free. 

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