3 Ways to Properly Store Your E-Juice to Preserve Flavour - Our Beginner's Guide

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Rookies and seasoned vapers alike have their e-juice collection - from fruity delights, sweet classics, to experimental picks. It’s the heart of the vaping experience that brings fun and excitement to vapers with the colourful selection of e-liquids in the market. There’s a flavour for every kind of mood, but keep in mind that e-liquids are just as spoilable as other food products. 

Once the quality degrades, the flavour will take on a dull taste, followed by a milder throat hit and darker colouring to the e-juice. While the chemical make-up of e-liquids provides it a long-lasting lifespan, poor storage will break it down faster and ruin your vaping experience. 

Contents like PG (Propylene Glycol) is a chemically human-made substance that is resistive to decay, but VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and nicotine are organic materials that naturally degrade over time. To preserve its quality and maximise the impact of your e-liquid’s flavours, the tips below should clue you in on the best ways to store your collection and prolong its life: 

Avoid Heat at All Costs 

When you boil water, you know that the intense heat causes it evaporates quickly. In that sense, the light and heat can distort the molecules of your e-liquid and cause it to break down faster, leading to subpar flavour. 

Seeing as heat leaves a direct, negative impact on the molecular behaviour of e-liquids, it makes sense to store your collection between a comfortable room temperature or in the cold. Some like to keep their favourites in the fridge or freezer, which does not do any harm to the e-juice. 

However, keep in mind that the liquid will be thicker due to the cold, so just let it warm up to room temperature before vaping it. 

Don’t Leave Your E-Juice in Direct Light and Air 

The doctor’s orders may suggest that a bit of sunlight and fresh air is good for your health, but it’s a deadly combination against e-liquids due to its nicotine content. The double whammy of air and light are the primary culprits behind oxidation, which breaks down the nicotine within the e-juice. 

Oxidation causes the e-liquid to turn brown, while “freebase” nicotine will influence the flavor entirely and lead to spoilage if you trap air and leave it exposed to light for long periods. With that in mind, the best thing you can do for your collection is to keep them safely tucked inside a dark, enclosed space. 

Choose Tinted Bottles for Your Collection’s Containers

E-liquids often come in either plastic or glass containers, and while you don’t necessarily have a choice when buying from vape shops, choosing the right container is essential for different reasons. 

Plastic bottles are only good for short-term storage as the material can be reactive, which can speed up the decay of the e-juice even if you avoid the heat, air, and light. Glass bottles are the best options of the bunch as the material is non-reactive. In contrast, tinted glass bottles take it even further by protecting your e-liquid from light. 

Conclusion: Caring For Your E-Juice Collection Will Make Preserve Its Quality 

All e-liquids have their own shelf life, and while you can’t beat nature’s course, the tried and true tips above should help you slow down the process and preserve the quality of your e-juice collection for your cloud chasing needs. 

If you’re looking to purchase e-juice with a wide selection between nicotine and non-nicotine content, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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