3 Factors to Help You Find the Best Vape Wholesaler - What to Know

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If you run a vape shop, the products you have for sale can mean the difference between a thriving business and an utter failure. However, choosing what to sell is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks you'll ever face. That said, when you're out and about looking for wholesale companies that sell vape products, there are some things to keep in consideration.

Ensuring you stock your store with high-quality products that sell is crucial for ensuring long-term success. Here are four factors to keep in mind when choosing a wholesale vape company to buy from:


When it comes to brands, you can choose to either stick to a few classics or provide your customers with a myriad of options. If the latter is your preferred route, you'll need to do a bit more shopping around. 

Just like you, wholesale shops will have their preferences of what brands to sell as well. Rather than purchasing from other wholesale shops, though, they're more so deciding which manufacturer they want to work with. This means that, if you're going to offer more brands to your customers, you'll need to work with a wholesale vape shop that works with multiple manufacturers. That said, do note that if the wholesale shop doesn't buy much of a specific brand that you want, you'll have to pay a higher cost for it. Because of this, make sure to work with a wholesale shop that stocks most, if not all of the brands you prefer.


Not only will the brands you choose affect the products you're going to offer in your store, but the location of that wholesale store as well.

Preferably, you'd want a store that's as close to yours as possible. Why? Think of it like this. Imagine running out of your best selling vape juice on a Tuesday. If the wholesale store is a hundred miles away, you're going to pay tons of money to have it shipped the next day. If you’re working with a nearby wholesaler, however, you can get it even on the same day and pay much less for shipping.

Shipping Policy

Speaking of shipping costs, some wholesalers also provide discounts and subsidize amounts if you purchase a lot in one go. On the other hand, some will charge you based on the shipping cost itself. Since each wholesaler isn't the same as the other, you must thoroughly learn of their shipping policies. Otherwise, you might miss out on a better deal. To add to this, prices on the surface might seem reasonable, such as free two-day shipping and the likes. However, you might not notice that they charge slightly higher on their products for such a service. Always delve deeper into the costs. That way, you don't have to feel "scammed" out of your money when opting for something free, yet the products are marked up higher. In most cases, however, business owners would choose cheaper shipping over faster shipping!

That said, also pay attention to the cutoff time. That way, you don't have to find yourself forced to wait an extra day because you waited a little too long and passed cutoff time, something which location and time zones play a significant role in.


So, how do you choose the best wholesale vape shop to work with? Pay attention to the three factors we've shared with you: look for wholesalers who are as close to you as possible, offer the brands that you want to sell, and offer you a shipping policy that you can work with. That way, you will have little to worry about knowing that you'll get your products on time and keep on selling!

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