16 Different Terms that Every Vaper Should Know - What to Know

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So you've recently started using e-cigarettes, vapes, and other vaping mods. In doing so, you may have come across unknown terms. If you are wondering what those terms mean, here are 16 different terms that you may come across in the world of vapes.

1 - Analog

The word "analogue" refers to the traditional tobacco cigarette. As e-cigarettes and vapes are electronic, they are considered digital. Thus then, the older ways of taking nicotine were considered an analogue method.

2 - Atomizer

The atomizer is another name for the coils in the vape that turns the liquid into vapour. The atomizer must have enough juice inside to operate correctly. Without enough water, the atomizer can quickly overheat and get damaged.

3 - Cartomizer 

A cartomizer is a mix of an atomizer and a cartridge. It includes both the heating coils and the liquid tank. In fact, many of the cartridges are cartomizers.

4 - Cartridge

The cartridge is the disposable part of the e-cigarette which connects to the battery and holds the liquid itself. On top of the cartridge is a little hole where you inhale the vapour.

5 - Cigalike 

These are e-cigarettes that look like cigarettes. Vaporizers usually do not look like cigarettes. However, cigalikes are generally the preferred choice for anyone new to vaping.

6 - Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is the practice where a vaper will try to create an enormous cloud of vapour possible. This is dangerous, and it is not recommended that you attempt cloud chasing.

7 - Disposable

Disposable e-cigs are one-time use only. Once they're through, you can toss them in the trash.

8 - Gurgling

This is the sound personal vaporizers make when too much juice is added. Gurgling also occurs when the liquid penetrates the centre tube of the tank.

 9 - Leaking

This will also occur when a personal vape is filled with too much liquid, carried improperly, or damaged. It can even happen in pressure-changing environments, such as in an aircraft.

10 - Lithium-ion Battery

Rechargeable vapes generally use batteries that are made of lithium-ion. Not only are they the most durable type of cells, but also recyclable, which is beneficial to the environment.

11 - Mod

Mod is short for modification and refers to vaporizers that have been or can be changed.

12 - PG and VG

PG stands for propylene glycol while VG stands for vegetable glycerin. These two substances are the bases of e-liquids and found in some foods and medicines, acting as a preservative. Both are combined in different amounts to give a different taste, hit, and vapour amounts.

13 - PV

PV stands for a personal vaporizer. This type of vape is larger than cigalikes and usually have a tank that is refillable with juice. Smaller versions of the PV can sometimes be referred to as vape pens, while larger ones are called mods.

14 - Sub-Ohm

To sub-ohm is to vape with an atomizer that has a resistance level lower than one ohm. This allows for greater production of vapour at higher heat with less juice.

15 - Tank

The tank is what holds the e-juice. It is a cylindrical container found in personal vaporizers.

16 - Wick

The wick is a piece of cloth that delivers juice from the tank into the coils.

That was indeed a long list. We hope that this list has provided you with insight into unknown terms.

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