Contra Juggernaut by Wick Liquor 150ML 0mg

Contra Juggernaut by Wick Liquor 150ML 0mg

Vendor: Wick Liquor
Type: E Liquid

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Wick Liquor present the uncompromising 150ml 0mg shortfill heavyweight … Juggernaut. Steeped in rich Wick Liquor flavour heritage, these beast sized bottles of Boulevard, Contra, Carnival and Deja Voodoo, present the knockout punch when it comes to the global fight for shortfill supremacy.

This premium 200ml unicorn bottle carries 150ml of your chosen Wick Liquor flavour, allowing you to easily add 3 x 10ml 18mg bottles of Nicotine Shots, giving a vigorous shake, to then achieve 180ml of 3mg e liquid.


Nicotine: 0mg
Size: 150ml 200ml bottle)
Ratio: PG20/VG80
Flavour Profile:  Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote