Vaping 101 - How to Know Which E-Liquid Is Right for You

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There are many ways to enjoy vaping. The more you know about the vaping terminology, the more you can find new ways to vape that suit your liking. In vaping, you can choose from two types of e-liquid, namely, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). To find out what works best for you, we listed below some significant differences between the two.

How are PG and VG different?

PG has a better throat hit than VG

PG provides a better throat hit than VG because it contains propylene glycol, which is considered as a humectant. This makes the vapour of the PG moist, which results in less dense plumes of smoke. Many vapers prefer this type of throat hit, which offers a strong and pleasant hit to the back of the throat. 

On the other hand, VG uses a thicker liquid for its vape, which makes the plumes thicker. If you prefer a thicker vapour, you can try VG, which uses the viscous liquid. It makes the experience smoother compared to PG. However, it takes away the sensation of a stronger hit that most vapers look for.

PG is more flavorful than VG

You can taste the flavours of your e-juice better in PG than in VG. Propylene has no taste that can possibly interfere with the flavours of the vape. It gives a more pleasant feeling that stays true to the original flavour of the e-juice. On the contrary, vegetable glycerin has a distinct taste, along with its thickness. This makes it prone to changing the character of the vape due to its innate sweetness. 

PG has a higher risk of allergy than VG

Several vapers complain that PG causes irritation in their throat due to possible allergic reactions. Some common side effects of PG are a sore throat and dry mouth. When these happen, it’s best to take precautions and switch to VG. Vegetable glycerin is more suitable for people who have a higher tendency for allergy. However, some complain that VG can cause phlegm build-up due to its thickness, which can also make you experience throat irritation. 

PG is easier to clean than VG

Propylene glycol contains a thinner liquid that can drip faster compared to VG. With a thinner liquid, the e-cig is easier to clean. On the other hand, the thickness of the VG can accumulate gunk on the coil or the inside of the tank, making it harder to clean. To help you clean the tank, you can apply alcohol-dipped swabs to remove the gunk thoroughly.


This guide can help you choose the right e-juice for you. However, the best way to find out which e-cig gives you better satisfaction is to experience it yourself. The two types of e-juice differ in features, which can be an advantage or disadvantage to some, depending on their personal preferences. The most common e-juice that people prefer is propylene because It is known for giving a better hit. It can also give a more authentic experience because it does not distort the original flavour of the e-juice. 

To know more about e-juice, you can get recommendations from vape sellers or your peers in the vape community. They might help you choose which e-juice is better suited to your preference.

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