Top Ways to Promote Your Vape Shop - What to Know

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Establishing a vape shop doesn’t end when you’ve finally set up your physical store. You should also perform promotions to increase foot traffic to your location. You can create a vape store online, too, which displays all your product offerings on a website.

During the digital age, there are two promotion methods you can employ to boost your marketing game to competitive levels.

1) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Employing excellent SEO practices enables your website to be on the higher side of rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is a crucial element in your marketing strategy since it can increase your reach to specific audiences who match your desired demographics. 

The first thing you need to do is perform targeted keyword research. The right keywords enable your desired audiences to find and visit your site.

Next, you need to create relevant informational content. Search engines, like Google, scan your content for relevance and display your site if it matches a user’s search query. Third, you need to streamline your site architecture. In a nutshell, all webpages on your site should be three clicks at most from your homepage. In doing so, you make the website navigation conducive for positive user experience.

The fourth step is to build backlinks from relevant websites with a higher authority than your site. Google will think better of you when you successfully establish several backlinks from reputable sources. You can create guest blog posts with a link to your website or pitch your answers for their round-up of expert answers. 

Make sure to incorporate the steps mentioned above in your SEO journey. You will find that a successful online vape store performs the bare basics of excellent SEO practices to stay ahead of their competitors. 

2) Advertisement

The traditional method of advertisement is not dead. With a wide variety of platforms, you can select carefully which medium best suits your needs and can help you meet your goals. However, there are certain limitations with advertising vaping products as mandated by the regulations in the Tobacco Products Directive or TPD. The said legal provisions set boundaries on product labelling, product modification, registration, and imports or exports.  

The first consideration is that vaping businesses are prohibited from advertising in specific channels—these include newspapers, television, magazine, radio, emails, texts, or the internet. There are only limited platforms where you can advertise—including posters, educational videos, direct mails, leaflets, blogs, or social media posts. However, specific online platforms also have their own set of rules regarding vaping advertisements.  

Vaping businesses also have more freedom in advertising products without nicotine content. You can use your non-nicotine advertisement as the bridge between your prospects and your nicotine-based products. 


Remember that your target consumers don’t have a clue you exist unless you tell them that you do. With that said, excellent SEO practices and advertisements following legal restrictions are your best bet in expanding your reach.

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