Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Own DIY Vape Juice

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Crafting DIY vape juice can be pretty exciting, especially for rookie vapers. There’s something about making your own signature flavour that makes vaping feels like a whole new experience. However, creating a new type of blend isn’t something easily experimented on, especially if you don’t have significant knowledge about the ingredients and mixtures used in these products.

When making your own unique blend, you first need to understand that proper flavour concentrate mixing is vital in making DIY e-cigarette liquid. With that in mind, we’ve written below the common mistakes that rookies make when creating DIY vape juice: 

When preparing to your signature flavour:

  1. Not doing your research

There are plenty of chemical ingredients involved in making e-cigarette liquid, such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), It is crucial to first familiarize yourself with these chemicals before trying out your mixture to avoid any expensive mistakes. For one, avoid purchasing e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale at an early stage. You can also take this opportunity to look for the best e-juice supplier in the UK in case your mixture goes awry

  1. Rushing the creation process of your DIY vape juice

Before crafting your own signature blend, why not try out the tried-and-tested recipes of other vapers that you can find online first? Trying out the methods of other vapers can help you practice before creating your perfect blend, as you’ll have more experience with what’ll work for you and what won’t. Also, check out where other vapers purchase their wholesale premium e-liquid in the UK, so you’ll know that you're using the right ones.

When mixing flavour concentrates:

  1. Putting too much flavoring

Too much of something can always be a bad thing. Adding flavor concentrates higher than the recommended 10 percent can make your DIY vape juice too strong. Consider using ethyl maltol instead if you want to intensify and heighten its flavour.

  1. Mixing too many different flavors

Crafting your unique e-cigarette liquid allows you to get creative, but make sure not to overdo it! Keep in mind that different flavours contain various chemicals that may or may not blend well when mixed together. Start small, with few ingredients that you know work well together, and then build it up from there..

  1. Guessing the proportions

Aside from possibly ruining that taste of your vape juice by adding too much flavor, improper proportions of chemical ingredients can also affect the consistency of your product. To avoid this pricey mistake, consult an online e-liquid calculator that will guide you in proportioning the ingredients properly.

  1. Not taking notes

When experimenting, make sure to document every drop of ingredients you use and the steps that you take. By doing so, you can take note of what works best for you and improve your recipe as you go along. You can also use your notes to help you create new flavours by changing a few ingredients on your list.

  1. Not cleaning your equipment

In case you’ve tried crafting several flavours already, make sure to clean out your equipment before and after use. The chemical stains that remain on these can affect the taste of the mixture that you’re currently working on. Fortunately, you can easily wash your equipment with hot water or alcohol.

When trying out your mixture:

  1. Not waiting for the e-juice to steep before vaping

Don’t make the rookie mistake of ruining your creation so close to completion, especially if you’ve made an excellent flavor, like the Frappe E-Liquid.  Be patient and don’t be too eager to taste your e-juice! Instead, let it sit for a while and allow the ingredients to mix harmoniously, so that you can get the best out of it.


Aside from making sure that you’re taking the proper steps in making DIY vape juice, you need to get yourself the right supplies as well. If you’re looking for the best UK-based e-juice supplier offering premium e-liquid wholesale, then leave us a message. We’ll be glad to help you out!

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