Our Guide to Preventing Dry Hits - Guide

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Experiencing a dry hit is the worst for a vaper. You notice that your vaporizer tastes charred, and it causes your throat to feel burnt. Chances are, you’re going to excessively cough because your body is not used to that feeling, and you reach for a glass of water to calm that burning sensation. 

Why do dry hits happen?

Dry hits are caused by vape liquid that was not drawn correctly. When the heating coil burns through the liquid too quickly, you end up sucking hot air or smoke from the burnt coil. This unfortunate situation can still happen despite the presence of clearomizer tanks that keep the coil from absorbing too much heat.

Here’s what you can do to prevent dry hits from happening again. 

How to stop it from happening

 For the time being, it’s impossible to prevent dry hits from happening, especially if you’re using a substandard vape mod. However, keeping the heating coil moist reduces the possibility of dry hits. A wet coil can negate the heat, which causes this situation.

Likewise, vaping conditions beyond regular means can lead to dry hits, as well. Avoid chain or power vaping if you don’t want to inhale hot smoke. Excessive vaping or vaping with high voltage are also prone situations for dry hits. Therefore, it’s essential to learn to set the ideal voltage. You can start with a low charge and increase it gradually to inhale most of the flavour but without burning your throat. Vaping on a very low voltage gives you a tasteless hit. 

Consider taking longer and slower drags as well to give your mod a break in between vaping sessions. Some users even take primer puffs without turning the battery on to prevent dry hits. This approach draws more liquid into the atomizer, which lessens the possibility of the coil getting burned. 

Meanwhile, adjusting the vegetable glycerin amount in your e-liquid can help prevent dry hits. Juices with high VG content take a longer time to wick, and diluting the liquid with distilled water increases its propylene glycol ratio. Vape liquids with higher PG content are more comfortable to absorb because of its thinner nature.

Finally, none of these tips will work if you are using faulty or sub-standard vaping mods. Defective box mods tend to get hot regularly, and that’s an indication to upgrade your kit. Switching to more advanced vaporizers can do the trick in preventing dry hits. 

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