Is Vaping as Harmful as Cigarettes When Second-Hand Smoking?

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The dangers of smoking do not stop at the smoker. Second-hand smoking is a real threat and is a problem for those who do not smoke but hang around smokers a lot. In fact, it can be more dangerous for second-hand smokers because they breathe in pure smoke while the smoker has a filter to remove some of its harmful chemicals. 

With that in mind, you might be wondering if vaping can cause the same issue. After all, you still breathe out the vapour, meaning that people around you might still breath it in, right? Let us find out together and determine whether vaping causes second-hand smoking.

Second-hand smoking and vaping

Cigarettes contain thousands of different chemicals, and some are highly toxic and harmful to the body. This is a real problem for pregnant women and children, as these toxins can interfere with growth, causing a variety of health issues. These issues can range from asthma and chest infections to ear infections and pneumonia. 

Can the same be said about vaping? Vaping only emits vapour. The only real problem with vaping is that if the user uses high-nicotine vape juices, the people around the individual might breathe in some of that nicotine. Other than that, vaping does not emit the thousands of different toxins found in cigarettes and is, therefore, a lot safer.

Vape Juice Vs. Tobacco

As noted earlier, cigarettes are loaded with thousands of chemicals that can be found in tobacco. Most of these are highly toxic to the human body and are known to cause a variety of problems. To add to this, the act of burning the tobacco creates even more toxins that are similarly harmful.

On the other hand, vape juices contain no more than propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavouring, and sometimes, nicotine, all of which are much safer. The device turns these into vapour not by burning that creates dangerous byproducts, but by merely heating the vape juice. As a result, a cloud of vapour is made without creating any byproducts that can hurt the body.

On that note, while vape juices contain substances that are safe for human use, some people can be allergic to these ingredients, most notably propylene glycol. However, it is quite rare, and even then, those who are allergic to it can still enjoy liquids that have a much higher ratio of VG to PG.


What is the final verdict? Vaping is nothing like smoking. By smoking, you fill the air around you with smoke that can sometimes linger for hours. This smoke can lead to second-hand smoking, which puts the health of those around the smoker in harm's way.

On the other hand, vaping produces nothing more than a cloud of vapour. Think of it like breathing in fog. It does not hurt the body, and thanks to the wonderful flavours of vapes, pleasing scents are emitted instead of the tobacco smell that not many people like.

That being said, vaping is a great way to stop smoking completely, and if you are struggling to quit smoking, vaping can help ease the transition immensely.

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