How to Make Great Vape Juice Cocktails - Our Guide

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The ability to whip up a silky-smooth cocktail is a skill that many people wish to have. Nowadays, however, a life-changing Manhattan isn’t the only cocktail that warrants a round of applause. Today, we’re all about making great vape cocktails—safely, of course. 

What’s so special about mixing vape juice cocktails? 

Gone are the days when smoke tricks and tabletop tornadoes were the only things you could do with a vape. The vapour experience has been kicked up a notch with custom flavours you could have never enjoyed before!

Instead of puffing yourself bored with o-rings and jellyfish combo tricks, you can now mix all sorts of vape juices to form crazy tastes that have their own unique flavour profiles and hit characteristics. Vape juice cocktails can result in the most amazing flavours that you’ll ever be able to puff up and smoke into the atmosphere. By dialling in the right flavours with the proper ratios, you’re essentially creating unique flavours that no one else—with the exception of you and your group—has ever tried before. 

The vape juice mixing process is an introduction to the near-infinite number of flavour possibilities that can each make your vaping experience a whole lot more exciting. With more than a thousand new, unique flavours coming into the market every month, it should come as no surprise that new custom flavours are within reach. 

Why should you try mixing your vape juice cocktails, anyways? 

Generally speaking, there are as many reasons to try mixing your vape juice as there are flavour combinations, but here are a few that can definitely convince you to try your hand at it:

  • An infinite number of combinations that you have yet to explore (you can try at least two to three new combinations every day and never run out of opportunities to make and test new ones!)
  • Greater control over your preferred nicotine level through simple mixing procedures
  • Better vaping experiences and overall pleasure thanks to flavour diversification
  • Cheaper flavour acquisitions, as opposed to purchasing stock mixes that are often more expensive


A few tips to consider before mixing your first few batches

Before you go ahead and jump right on the chance to mix and match new flavours, here are a few key tips that will ensure that the entire experience goes as smoothly as possible: 

  1. Start small

We can’t stress this enough: starting small is best if you’re new to creating vape mixtures. After all, amateurs are more prone to muddling the flavour combinations as they try to find the perfect ratio. Let’s face it, no one wants to load up their tank to the brim with an abomination of a mixture— make sure that you make and load small amounts at a time!  

  1. Record everything 

No matter how much you’ll tell yourself that you’ll remember that one magical mixture by heart, memories are fickle. You don’t want to risk forgetting your favourite combo. Play it safe by jotting down every combination you make in a notebook so that you can refer to it again if you’re trying to get after a specific flavour that you made in the past. 

  1. Only shake if you’re trying to mix

Unlike a cake batter or a cocktail, vape juice mixtures don’t exactly mix well if you decide to stir them, so the best way to unify all the present flavours is by giving them a bit of a shake before loading the concoction into your atty or tank, 

Mixing vape juices is one of the most exciting activities that you could possibly try when formulating the best flavours known to man (or maybe just you). If you’re a newbie to making vape juice cocktails, make sure you take our three tips into consideration. Have fun!

If you're looking to get more flavours of vape liquid in the UK, get in touch with us today! We're happy to help.

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