How to Earn More Money by Buying Wholesale Vape Supplies - Our Guide

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More and more people are enjoying the benefits of vaping, and its market steadily expands every year. User spending has increased exponentially and has reached almost 20 billion dollars compared to around 5 billion dollars from five years ago. Research concludes that the number of adults who vape may reach approximately 55 million by 2021.

The reason many vapers choose to vape is that it’s cheaper than real cigarettes. It’s also less addictive compared to the high nicotine levels of cigarettes. With the rapid spending of vapers, it makes it a profitable business for retailers. Though vapers may spend less than cigarettes, they still need to refill their e-juice regularly, which is why various accessories that are offered by retailers.

So, how can you earn more income in the vape industry? The best way is to fill up your inventory with wholesale vape supplies. Keep on reading below to find out the significant benefits of getting your supplies through wholesale:

1. Discounted price

As many people already know, buying in bulk results in getting discounts. In fact, the more you buy, the bigger the discount. For this reason, try finding a vape wholesale distributor with whom you can create a good working relationship. Once you get to know their minimum wholesale order, you can discuss how much discount they can give if you order more than their minimum. 

Keep in mind that you should keep sufficient supplies to serve your market base. However, if you are confident that you can clear out your inventory quickly, then you can make a better deal to your wholesaler. There are several distributors available in the market, which is why you need to choose one that can offer fast delivery and reasonable prices.

2. A wide array of options

As a retailer, make a tally of the products you sell and find out which are the top saleable items. Then, look for a distributor who can offer these saleable items at a reasonable price. You will also want to choose a vape wholesale distributor who provides a wide array of options for vaping devices and vape juice. You won't want to waste time and money changing from one distributor to another because one doesn’t have one of the saleable items in your list. 

3. More convenient purchasing

If you have a shop, you will know that purchasing is one of the most challenging tasks. Make your purchasing task more convenient by choosing only one distributor where you can course through everything in one communication line. With a one-time transaction, you will not only save money from the discounted price but also time and effort that you can spend on other business matters. 


With the growing market in the vape industry, retailers can earn money from selling vape supplies. However, remember that you can earn more when dealing with wholesale suppliers. As a retailer, the decision to choose which wholesaler to deal with is a crucial one. 

You need to find one with high-quality products and fast delivery time. You also need to heavily consider the convenience of purchasing all your saleable items from one vendor only. When you save time from unnecessary tasks, you can focus more on growing your business instead of the hassles of buying from one wholesaler to the next.

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