4 Reasons You Should Invest in Unflavoured Base E-Liquid

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If you've been in the vaping world for quite some time now or just recently made the switch from smoking a few packs, then chances are that you’ve already heard of unflavored base e-liquid. 

With all the buzz that surrounds this type of vape juice, however, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly makes this juice so special?”

Well, there are quite a few benefits and nifty functions that have made it so special in the eyes of many vaping aficionados. To best understand why many vapers have been hyping this juice up, let’s look at some of the noteworthy advantages that anyone can enjoy with unflavored base e-liquid: 

It’s a great cure against vaper’s tongue

One of the foremost benefits that come with using unflavored base e-liquid is that its chemical profile and overall blend makes it a lot easier to enjoy vaping without catching a case of vaper’s tongue. As opposed to regular bottles of vape juice that leave the tongue susceptible to being overloaded by strong flavours and extracts, you can hit a cart or tank of unflavored juice to give your tongue some much-needed rest. Plus, it helps cleanse your palette as well!

It helps with preserving the longevity of your vape device

After smoking unflavored base e-liquid for a while, you’ll probably begin to notice that your coils or carts don’t have any signs of gunk or buildup at all. The main reason unflavored liquid is so great for helping your coils last for far longer is because it doesn’t contain any flavour additives (that are usually found in flavoured juice), as these clog any heat source they’re exposed to.

It’s a cheaper option to go for

If you don’t enjoy having your mouth clouded by all sorts of flavours and are looking for a more cost-friendly way to enjoy your rig or set-up, then a bottle of premium unflavored e-juice is the way to go. Instead of having to shell out a few dozen quid on bottles that you won’t like, or on replacing coils and replenishing mixing materials, going for the flavourless option provides a great vaping experience without extra costs that you won’t enjoy. 

It provides a blank canvas that anyone can create their own flavours with

Generally speaking, one of the best advantages that come with unflavored e-liquid is that you can find a flavour that you’ll really enjoy by making the mix on your own terms. For anyone that’s wanted to make their own e-juice flavour for a while now, this option is something well worth investing in because all one needs to add is a few flavour concentrates and you’re good to go.


Thanks to all the benefits it packs, there’s no doubting the fact that unflavored base e-liquid is an option that is definitely deserving of all the hype and vouching that backs it. By stocking up your e-juice arsenal with a few bottles of unflavored liquids, you’ll be able to make your entire vaping experience far more enjoyable in the long run!

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