2 Practical Tips on How to Store Your E-Juice During Summer - Our Guide

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For most vapers, summer is one season well worth waiting all year for because it is the opportunity to enjoy thick, flavourful clouds outdoors without any fear of reprimand. With the conditions being much hotter than usual, being able to pipe out a cool, fragrant puff of smoke is an enjoyable experience as long as it’s done in the right conditions. 

Despite the pleasurable experience and all moments that you’ve spent building the right coils and tanks to enjoy Mother Nature as you lie under the sun, there’s one problem with summertime that vapers should watch out for: E-juice storage.

What’s the matter with summer?

Unlike other times of the year, summer is one of the most crucial ones that vapers should prepare for because the rise in heat levels can affect any bottle of stored e-juice. 

Seeing that many components in a liquid’s content are sensitive to heat, it’s clear that proper storage is essential because of how problems can occur if one is careless. Some situations serve as a lesson for all vapers enjoying summertime because of how improper storage has resulted in collections worth hundreds to thousands of pounds going stale. 

If you’ve spent time, money, and effort in finding the right juices to enjoy and keep in your collection, then it’s worth acknowledging the fact that you should store your liquid better. By taking the time to understand this need thoroughly and take it seriously, you’ll be able to keep your collection in great shape and avoid any unwanted chemical reactions from happening!

A few storage tips worth considering

Keeping your precious bottle of vape juice is an effort that doesn’t require too much effort or mind-boggling knowledge because it’s relatively straightforward. Should you find yourself increasingly concerned with what’s about to take place during the summertime, here are a few tips that will help you store your e-liquids well enough to keep quality intact: 

Tip #1: Keep everything away from direct sunlight

While the sun may be your best friend during summer, the situation is the exact opposite when it comes to your e-liquids as direct sunlight will quickly turn them into stale, flavourless versions. The best way to deal with the excess heat brought about by summer and preventing it from hacking away at your juice’s flavour quality is to store them in a spot with no direct sunlight or excessive heat. By choosing a place in the house that’s guaranteed to stay cool (such as basements, corners, or centre areas), you can keep the quality of your products intact long after summer ends!

Tip #2: Swap out transparent bottles for tinted ones

One tip that any vaper or vape shop owner can benefit from when keeping their vape juice supply safe during summer is to swap out transparent bottles for tinted ones. 

As opposed to their transparent counterparts, tinted bottles are poised to be far more effective for summertime storage because they prevent radiation from getting into the bottle. Beyond beating the heat, however, making the switch to tinted bottles will benefit your supply all-year-round because they’re better for long-term storage! 


Although summertime is a definite cause for celebration in the eyes of any vaper or vape shop owner, it can also be difficult and challenging because of all the problems that the heat can put bottles of e-juice through. With the help of the two storage tips mentioned above, however, you’ll be able to protect your precious supply so that all flavours stay intact long after the hot months!

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